Ozzy is an enthusiastic and friendly flying Cheap you can try here yasmin generics is canadian health . monkey, son of the legendary Goliath, the brave warrior. They serve Evilene – the wicked witch – just as the rest of their kin. But Ozzy is not happy about it and when Evileneai??i??s plans put Oz once again in peril, Ozzy reaches out to the ai???Guardians of Ozai??? the Lion, the Scarecrow and Tinman, three great friends with incredible qualities that have taken Emerald City to its maximum splendor. Unfortunately, this will not be easy, they have not been themselves lately, and this is putting it mildly this hyperlink order levlen birth http://afisenihusni.mhs.narotama.ac.id/2018/03/15/buy-finax-muesli/ , they have gone bananas as of late (flying monkey pun intended), thanks to Evilene of course. On top of that a very angry army of flying monkeys is bent on capturing Ozzy and making sure the Guardians are no more.

Character - Gak

Two extra-stupid-looking flying monkeys who are Ozzyai??i??s the main tormentors. They love bullying Ozzy and laughing at him. Theyai??i??re like Dumb and Dumber. Yicky is the one with initiative and Gak is more of a follower. They are very good friends and always work together. cheap pamelor withdrawal Cheap cheap medrol dose pack viagra 100mg online sales.

Character - YICKY & GAK

Two extra-stupid-looking flying monkeys who are Ozzyai??i??s the main tormentors. They love bullying Ozzy and laughing at him. Theyai??i??re like Dumb and Dumber. Yicky is the one with initiative and Gak is more of a follower. They are very good friends and always work together. http://venusiaglobal.com/uncategorized/cheap-celadrin/ buy real brand viagra.

Character - OZZY

A fish out of water. Nobody has any faith in this little monkey with stunted wings and a good vocabulary. He doesnai??i??t fit in anywhere! His father Goliath, would like him to be a warrior like him. He is Evilineai??i??s chief of security. Ozzy wants to make his father happy, but he is who he is. He canai??i??t understand why they have to obey Eviline. He doesnai??i??t feel being part of that. The thing that Ozzy does have is a strong heart. buy sumycin medication cheap pills prednisoe for sale canadian pharmacy. buy pills

Character - LION

Strong but agile, paternal with Ozzy and Gabby. The Wizard of Oz gave him courage and he is a fierce fighter when they are called to fight or do physical stuff.
Under EvelineA?s curse has turned his bravery into pride. He becomes highly irrational, reckless, and agitated. He just wants to fight, even though it nearly kills him.
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Character - TINMAN

The Wizard gave to him a heart. He has warmth, good feelings and empathy for others. The Winkies who created him have now made him their king, and they have built him a Tin Woman for his side. Under EvelineA?s curse, he is an open wound. He is useless because he canai??i??t stop crying and feeling so sorry for every single person, his emotions overwhelming him to a point far beyond reason. buy pills

Character - GOLIATH

Ozzyai??i??s father is strong self-confident, and very serious. Rigid in his thinking, he likes to do things in the right way. He is strict but with good hearted, he loves his son, Ozzy, but he is a little bit ashamed of himai??i?? Ozzy is not like him, not like any other monkey in the army and his dream would be to see his son turning into him. He works for Eviline as Chief of Security because itai??i??s something he was born to do it. cheap pills cheap cialis in california. how much ranitidine for a horse

Character - GLINDA

Glinda The Good is Evilineai??i??s opposite: good & kind, patient & fair… Even when she was the only person that beat Eviline, she is kind of innocent and naA?ve (she thought it was a great idea to give Eviline back to life). With Gabby she is kind but strict, affectionate but a teacher too. She trusts the 3 Kings. Though she spends much of this story frozen like a mannequin, she is otherwise a strong, maternal and lovely presence over all of Oz. cheap triamterene side cheap pills where to buy clomid bodybuilding forum citalopram price without insurance.

Character - Gabby

Also a young teen like Ozzy, Gabby is a bit impertinent, rather talkative and self-confident.Ai??She is a witch apprentice, so her powers are very limitedai??i?? but she is trying. She hates flying monkeys but the truth is she likes Ozzy. She gets fed up with his lack of determination but admires his bravery in stealing Evilineai??i??s broom. About the whole ai???freezing Glinda thingai??i??ai??? she knows she has made a mistake but she is not that worried about it. buy mestinon syrup generic levitra 40mg. http://tourismtrendsconference.com/cost-of-generic-tetracycline/ best antidepressant for elderly with hypertension

Character - EVILINE

She is a very wicked witch. When Glinda gives her a second chance, she does everything she can to get quickly back to her old ways. When she doesnai??i??t have magic, she still has something almost as powerful, a loyal army of monkeys. They do whatever she says! Selfish, impatient and very short tempered. She doesnai??i??t care about anyone or anything apart from herself. She canai??i??t tolerate a mistake. buy lariam tablets Pills http://viprental.hu/2018/03/18/shatavari-price-patanjali/ alli diet pill available.

Character - SCARECROW

His intelligence made him a natural leader. He is sensible and prudent, but also very friendly and fun. Being King of the Emerald City is a job he takes seriously, but without undo pride. The curse Eveline set on him has made his intelligence a prison of esoteric intellect. His mind is obsessed, possessed with details so overwhelming, they are meaningless. It has rendered him disconnected from the world and people. sarafem online overnight. pills online





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